What is zulul ?

zulul is an international and regional network for development and construction professionals founded by Daniel M. Tesfamichael, whose vision was to found a communication platform for building professionals to exchange ideas and services.

zulul is a powerful networking service with a wide range of custom-created features to meet the needs of professionals in the construction world.

zulul`s goals:

  •  Presentation of comprehensive information about qualifications, competencies, projects, and services offered by our members,
  •  Networking for subject matter specialists, offices and companies of varying sizes as well as producers and suppliers,
  •  Exchange of knowledge and experience on a regional and international level.

In this manner large projects carried out by small and mid-size companies can be successfully managed and realized. This would decisively influence and change the construction as it stands today.

zulul – A vision to connect all builders

zulul would like to make it possible for its members to rate and recommend projects and services and vice versa. In doing so members are able to use their projects and performance as business cards in the pursuit of future projects. References, knowledge and performance of potential employers and partners can be examined prior to collaborating, thus laying the ground work for successful cooperation.

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