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by Micah Andretich
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I have been working 10 years on designing a mobile, sustainable structure for addressing homelessness, disaster relief and rural health care outreach.

CBS news out of San Francisco interviewed us recently about the posted project. Here is the link, please excuse the ad prior to the segment:

Our company is GOasis and our vision is to provide the preferred solution for project ready, self-sufficient and fully independent mobile structures, empowering organizations and individuals to extend service boundaries through freedom from energy constraints and utility connections.



Pilot Project to Safely Shelter Homeless People
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Sonoma County, California

Pilot Project to Safely Shelter Homeless People

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In January of 2016 our local County government issued a request for proposals (RFP).

The project will be for a two-year trial period, exploring non-traditional residential structures. One of the primary objectives is to determine if the model put forth can be sustained and replicated on private or non-County public property.

The project site is an existing parking lot on the County campus. The site measures 50' x 200' or 10,000 sf (15.4m x 61.5m or 947 sq. m). There is a 10' (3m) rear-yard seback to protect some existing landscape elements. The RFP stated that the site may need to be returned back to its original condition.