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by Söhne & Partner architects
34 projects.

Our architecture is as unique as our clients.

A building must always engage in a dialogue – with its surroundings and the people who use it. Our architecture is always tailored to the needs of the people who live, work or spend their leisure time in our buildings. We also pay attention to our buildings’ surroundings, and use them as a source of inspiration. Because the brief, site and client are never the same twice over, every project is unique – and so are our solutions.

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Dubai is now going to make films, creating fictions. Dubai Studio City will be the next Mecca of the global illusions-industry. It is only a logical consequence of Dubai's city history. Following the essence of one of Paul Auster's statement, Dubai found its new way to create fictions in making movies.

Paul Auster once said - "the settler way westward through the whole American continent always going against the sunset - was their motor to discover the continent. Arriving at the pacific, the way westward found his end - but then they found a new way to explore their dreams, to give their illusions a possibility to go on, they found it in creating movies".

Especially in the science fiction genre, the heroes and heroines embark on an endless journey with different media. There are no boundaries to the imagination. A well known media in those movies is a spaceship. The design holds on to that thought – only this time the medium is not a spaceship but a hotel. A hotel as medium; a medium of hospitality.

So it is the inverse of a spaceship, it is a space harbour for business people, actors and people who want to taste the atmosphere of illusions.

As a metaphor, the harbour stands for a way through, an interface - a place where illusions or new challenges come true. If you think about it, hotels are quite similar, because the people there are also on a way through and looking forward to the future.

OR Code

The Code Unique Hotel is a place to offer premium services and to make the stay of the guests more pleasurable and - especially - inspirational. The hotel gets the name from its façade. The implication of the façade structure on the outside is not only any eye catcher but also a special matrix – a QR Code.

There is a message behind the code - but who knows it? Take your mobile and decode it!