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Our architecture is as unique as our clients.

A building must always engage in a dialogue – with its surroundings and the people who use it. Our architecture is always tailored to the needs of the people who live, work or spend their leisure time in our buildings. We also pay attention to our buildings’ surroundings, and use them as a source of inspiration. Because the brief, site and client are never the same twice over, every project is unique – and so are our solutions.

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The basic design intention for the restaurant in the new office and business centre 'Town Town' was to add complexity to a simple and linear space. It should be reshaped in such a manifold manner, that it can no longer be conceived as a whole but instead has to be discovered step by step.

The open kitchen and the bar are situated in a grey monolithic box in the center of the restaurant. Seating areas are arranged around the block.

Different coloured chairs create highlights among predominantly white furniture. Partially reflective room dividers are important elements of the design as they provide some intimacy and multiply the complexity of space.

Suspended from the ceiling different sized elements are placed, which enhance acoustics, function as lighting and emphasize the detailed design of the restaurant.