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Our architecture is as unique as our clients.

A building must always engage in a dialogue – with its surroundings and the people who use it. Our architecture is always tailored to the needs of the people who live, work or spend their leisure time in our buildings. We also pay attention to our buildings’ surroundings, and use them as a source of inspiration. Because the brief, site and client are never the same twice over, every project is unique – and so are our solutions.

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Metrostation Sofia thumb
Metrostation Sofia thumb
Metrostation Sofia thumb
Metrostation Sofia thumb
Metrostation Sofia
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Bright, friendly and safe – are these the appropriate words to describe an underground station? The answer is yes. This design concept of a multifunctional underground station combines these attributes together in order to meet the requirements of its environment as well as of its users.

An open station is planned which connects the platform directly with the street level. With the help of light shafts natural light in included in the design and even reaches the darker zones of the underground station. Due to these light shafts the underground system of Sofia is presented as a modern and innovative way of transportation. The inside becomes visible for the outside and vice versa.

With this new design concept the suburbs of Sofia gain one more attraction – not only because of the light shafts but also because of the various levels. There is the platform level, the street level and also a separate level for shopping. Those are all connected to each other.