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by Peter Ruge Architekten
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Peter Ruge Architekten is an international architectural and urban design firm with offices in Berlin, Germany and Hangzhou, China.

Prof. Peter Ruge runs the company and has over 20 years experience realizing buildings and urban developments across Europe and Asia. He is an certified Passive House Designer.

He has lectured at various locations. Currently he teaches Sustainable Design at Hochschule Anhalt / Dessau Institute of Architecture (Bauhaus) and he is a visiting professor at the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in Hangzhou.

For Peter Ruge Architekten a wide range of prospects has opened up concerning sustainable optimization of existing portfolios, residential developments and city planning.

In addition to various awards, three projects of Peter Ruge have been awarded with a national certification for sustainable architecture.

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Office building and health centre, Lübeckertordamm, Hamburg

Competition 1st price 2003, Completion 2007

BDA Prize Hamburg-Mention 2008, DGNB Gold Certification – Seal of Approval for sustainable architecture 2010

In the context of the revitalization of the St. Georg district of Hamburg, 120 dwelling units and an office/administrative building of 26.000 m2 on a site next to the Hamburg St. Georg hospital have been realized.

The new residential buildings follow and continue the form of the hospital wing. A generously proportioned, noise-protecting inner courtyard benefits both these residential buildings and the new office building in equal measure.

The office building’s configuration, composed of four boomerang-shaped elements laid over each other, creates a representative entrance situation, an interior courtyard, and a transitional space to the residential courtyard in the rear. As a result of this building form, every office has direct sunlight and an unobstructed view.

For the office building, ecologically unobjectionable materials are used throughout. The new building is a condensed form, and its surface area is optimized.Two service and sanitary cores lie inside and allow flexible use and simple adjustments to future requirements of the users. The building‘s materials possess the „Blue Angel“ certification and are thus ecologically friendly. An innovative staggered, highly insulating external glass skin, a naturally ventilated double façade, low energy heating and concrete core cooling, as well as an energy-optimized lighting concept, reduce the primary energy requirements.

Architect: Pysall Ruge Architekten
Client: L.T.D. Lübeckertordamm Entwicklungs-GmbH
Structural Engineering: Lichtenau Himburg Tebarth Bauingenieure GmbH, Berlin
Mechanical & Electrical: Reese Beratende Ingenieure VDI, Hamburg
DGNB-Auditor: Intep, Integrale Planung GmbH, München
Size: GFA 26.643 m2
Duration: 2003-2008
Photographer: Jens Willebrand, Klaus Frahm