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Project A01 architects ZT GmbH

Project A.01beschäftigt sich mit der Bearbeitung von architektonischen Aufgabenstellungen, Innenraumgestaltungen bis hin zum objektorientierten Design.
Individuelle Projekte mit innovativen bzw. experimentelle Lösungen werden projektspezifisch im Team entwickelt.
Mit der Überzeugung, dass hochwertige Architektur immer mit einer ganzheitlichen Erfahrung des Raumes in Zusammenhang steht, wird stets die Örtlichkeit mit Ihrem spezifischen Charakter in den Entwurfsprozess mit einbezogen. Mit dem Einsatz von technischen Innovationen und unter Einbeziehung des Lichts, als wesentlicher Parameter, werden immer einzigartige Szenarien kreiert.

Landmark Pier One, Carinthia, Austria
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Barely touching the water surface, the light and elegant Pier One building is located on the
Millstätter Lake.

Barely touching the water surface, the light and elegant Pier One building is located on the
Millstätter Lake. The structure seams to be hovering above the water.
The building is a small entertainmentcenter with a restaurant and a bar area. Boat shows,
exhibitions and related events are planned as a tourist attraction. The building is as well
functioning as a boat house and a pier. It opens towards the lake and connects the shoreline
through a light bridge construction.
The main part of the building features and displays the nautical world, inviting the visitors to
experience its variety and richness. Both the restaurant and the bar are close to the exhibited
boats and invite to stay. The assigned terraces are separately accessible and offer a stunning
panoramic view over the lake. The nearby jumping tower for beach guests is another point of
interest for visitors.
Roofed by the cantilevered part of the building the floating pier construction receives visitors
from the waterside and is the starting point for different boat trips. A speed boat, an excursion
boat as well as a little submarine offer a variety of adventures.
The main exhibition space can be used for periodic events, exhibitions, concerts and shows
thus being an additional attraction for tourists and locals.